Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wake Me Up To Know You're Alive...

I've been eating alottttt
of food lately,more than usual
and the usual was already too much!
if that made sense.

Have you ever said
"Omg,I cant believe I just ate all that!,I'm never eating again"
than end up scarfing down half a carton of Mint Muse track Ice cream
The Next Day?
mabye its just me...
Hmmm :/

But for some reason i've been in a good mood.
I still look like a cow..but good mood none the less :)
possibly because im sure i can reach my goal by the end of summer
as long as I dont give up.

I love summer ^_^

Id very much like to go shopping :)

1 comment:

  1. i'm loving all your thinspo!

    i love that tattoo! i think i'm going to get myself a tattoo when i reach one of my goal weights as a reward

    i'm glad your in a good mood :] i am too.