Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a quick post before im off to bed.

So,I've been a good girl for the past few days
and managed to stay under 500 calories,and only eating three
times a day
usually white rice,an apple,and something else small.
I try to sleep the day away though
seeming as there isnt anything really healthy to eat in my house.

Oh,Ill post my weight when its more appealing ;]
which probably wont be for a bit

I went to the gym the other day with one of my mums friends
we ran on the treadmills and did some arm stuff >.>
its been ages since I worked out at a gym
and it felt nice to get back in one :)

I definitely plan on going back next chance I get

sadly,havent managed to collect any great pics:(
but,heres a bit.

once again sorry they're not all that great
but they inspire me all the same...
I even spent some extra time getting more
because I only had a few pictures ^_^
and its almost 3am

you see how much I love you guys

mkay bye now :)

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