Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm In For a Hell Of a Summer...

Fuck Easy Mac!
Pardon my language.
Seriously,I suck at restrictions.
I used to go the whole day/days without even wanting to eat,but now its like
every other minute,and I've gained at least 3lbs
I fail at everything :[
Sooo,enough complaining

I want to try a week long fast
hopefully I can sleep it away like usual
probably not though =/

Ahh,now on with the thinspo
Thank You Karah for the comment :D
good luck on reaching your goal weight!
I read your blog and your doing a hell of alot
better than I am

So I'm Pretty Sure My Blogger Hates Me!
Ill just add the rest of the thinspo in a different
post because this is just messed up >=/


  1. Good luck, fasting is hard you're not alone. Stay strong and I'm sure you'll lose that 3 lbs and even more in no time!
    xoxo Farah

  2. im rubbish with fasting.
    i just broke mine yesterday with a binge =/ *grumble*
    good luck with yours! im sure you'll do much, muuuch better than me!