Sunday, April 12, 2009

So basicly I have no other choice.

I have to get my weight back down.
im determined

I went to Old Navy and got some V-neck tees
jean shorts[that are a bit snug], grey flats
and another Cardigan.its a medium
meaning my boobs pop out and I can just barely button it up.
im obsessed with Carigans :D

I plan on it becoming very loose
within the next 3-4weeks.
Oh i also got some great peppermint lip gloss :D

Of Course There's Always Some Sort Of Problem.
My Mum would like to have a huge "BBQ" With
pounds of horrible Meat that i don't EVER eat
but Blahhhh,i hate being around it D:

More than likely im going to have another 4day Fast.
I love when i get hunger pains
I actually feel like I've accomplished a little something.

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