Monday, April 27, 2009

Epic Fail.

I'm Not Emotionally Stable,Actually I Haven't been for a while.
But It's been worse lately,I cut last night,which I'm not proud of
And I ate way too much
So Mia and I spent 20 minutes together
I was doing better than usual than I screwed it up again.
But,Ive Stocked up on Arizona Green Tea
Its the only thing I have around me which is good seeming as I'm Flat Broke.
I'm Going to try another four day fast,they work pretty well for me.

Hopefully you lovely ladies are well
Thank You all so much who follow my blogs,I really need the help and support

Any Tips And Advice?

Here's Some of My Favorite Thinpo's

1 comment:

  1. Best tip ever: Don't die?

    Try exercising over cutting. It will release much of the same hormones. Leg lifts, crunches, lunges, all that good stuff. Just do whatever makes your muscles hurt, until they're too shaky to stand.

    Get a hold of me if you need anything ♥